Il Mistero Di Rue Des Saints-Pères (2003)
Il mistero di Rue des Saints-Pères (2003)
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This book is a splendid evocation of Paris during the Belle Époque, and Legris' frequent walks in various neighborhoods made me very happy indeed. The two women booksellers who write as Claude Izner bring their setting to life.The mystery is also a good one. By the time I pieced all the clues together, it was almost time for the reveal. The list of suspects is a long one and represents almost all the various social strata in the city, which gives the authors more opportunity to depict their beloved Paris. The one aspect of the book that I felt was lacking was the cast of characters. The only character in the entire book whom I felt had a real spark of life to him was Joseph, the assistant in Victor's bookshop. (While I'm on the subject of that bookshop, librarians and booksellers reading Murder on the Eiffel Tower will see that customers really haven't changed much from one century to another.) The main character, Victor Legris, is what I've always thought of as a boulevardier-- a man-about-town. He dresses well, he dines well, he has a mistress. Victor has many things and does many things (even deigning to work in his shop from time to time), but he still felt a bit two-dimensional, a bit reserved, as did everyone else. As much as I loved mentally walking the streets of Paris in the late nineteenth century while solving an enjoyable mystery, it's the stiffness of the characters that will make me hesitate to continue with this series. I wanted to like this book. I like mysteries, and something called "Murder on the..." attracted my eye. Unfortunately, there is only one good thing I can say about this book, and that's that it didn't take me long to read.Everything aspect of the book is frightfully poor. Both the plot and the characters are ridiculous, unbelievable, and unlikeable. For example, the main character seems to think he is some sort of detective because he follows his friends secretly. The "case" has random connections to him which the authors haven't even thought through. The culprit, even though obvious to the reader, isn't even discovered by Victor. The explanation at the end is bizarre.I could go on illustrating this with examples, but I don't think it's necessary. I wouldn't recommend this book to anybody, it was a waste of my time.
I don't think I liked Victor much but I liked the historical details. It was a good mystery.
Interesting historical perspective of events surrounding the opening of the Eiffel Tower.
Great book, interesting characters
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