Il Ritorno (2009)
Il ritorno (2009)
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8854115290 (ISBN13: 9788854115293)
Newton Compton
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It felt like it took me forever to read this book. I thought about not finishing it but then I want to read the whole series, so I didn't.This time Elena was a whole lot better. In the beginning she was an angel (I think?), after coming back from the dead. I liked her as an Angel. Her attitude was better and she actually treats people nicer. I kind of felt sorry for Damon. They hate him when he does something wrong and they hate him when he does something decent. I loved the parts when he and Bonnie interacted. If Damon had to end up with someone I'd rather it be her. He's a bad person and he knows it, he doesn't care what other people think. I hated it when he started thinking what Elena would think of him.I wasn't really surprised about anything that happened in this book because it turns out I already did read it, long ago. I thought this book was horribly written, outlandish fanfiction. I only got about 30% of the way through it. I was not the world's biggest fan of the original four books, but have a much better appreciation for them now, after TRYING to read this fifth one. It feels to me like someone took the whole TVD section of, dumped all the words into a bowl and then used them as confetti. This one is a hot, incoherent mess, and I feel really sorry for the characters who got butchered in the making of it. Unfortunately, I will probably not be reading any more TVD books now.
That book made no sense. And Elena's power attacks kind of remind me of Sailor Moon...
This one was a little harder to follow - who was good and who was evil.
Horrible, so freaking confusing.
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