Il Segreto Di Cathy (2008)
Il segreto di Cathy (2008)
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In the preceding book Cathy finds out that her boyfriend, Victor, is immortal and he is sent to Ancestor Lu to be experimented on, Victor's father, Tsao, has a creepy crush on her, and she is trying to discover the truth about her father. In Cathy's Key, Cathy meets Jewel who takes her journal, belongings, and tries to steal her identity. Surprisingly, Jewel ends up saving her in the end. Cathy also learns the truth about her father. I really liked this book because unlike many books in a series, it gives back ground information about each character as we meet them. That helps to understand where they stand. I also liked this book because it was different, because I have never read about Chinese people being immortal in a society of immortal people. It was very fun to read because it was hard to predict was was going to happen next. A theme that I found in this book was that you shouldn't talk to strangers. Jewel changed the way she acted from when she was on the bus to when she was side by side with Tsao. On the bus, Cathy started to trust her because she made her feel sorry but then she ended up stealing her belongings and identity. I would recommend this book to people who like books like Twilight because this was similar since Cathy was mortal and her boyfriend is immortal and it is hard for them to be together forever. The additional sketches and clues that Cathy draws out makes the book more appealing. This book is a sequel to Cathy's Notebook. This book was sooooo good. The sequel is about Cathy getting a note from this fortune teller who contacts her but then gets murdered by her boyfriends father who is creeping on her. She meets this girl who is a con artist and manages to steal almost everything important to her and kill someone and changes her look to look like Cathy named Jewel. Within all this drama she also found out a lot about her father. This book is really hard to explain if you didn't read the first one so read the first one, then read this. A scene i could see playing out would be the scene where Cathy has her first encounter with Jewel which was on a greyhound bus.Jewel asked for some money and Cathy said she had none. I would have them sitting far away from each other but talking. Cathy looking a little uncomfortable saying her lines with a look on her face like i know she knows i have money but there's no way I'm giving it to her. I'd have Cathy read her lines with a lot of sympathy in her voice. I'd have Jewel sound really sweet and sincere with a little shady of a tone so u can guess she's done this many times before but it works all the time. You'd have other people sitting all around some sleeping some reading some listening to ipods, on the phone, texting, or on the computer but spotlight on them.
I can read these books in under three hours. I love the doodles and the set up and the story.
i loooovoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book was better than the first in the series.
Awesome writing, It was a really good page-turner
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