I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures In Celebrity Dieting (2000)
I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting (2000)
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I take no pleasure in giving a book two stars, especially when its author sounds like someone I'd really like hanging out with and who put herself in the middle of her own story in a way that I dream about doing. (But what would be my gimmick? Knitting with different types of yarn? Going through the whole catalog of urologic procedures just for fun? Write what you know, they say...) I don't want her or anyone who knows her to read this review and say about me, "that bitch." HOWEVER, I can't muster more than two stars because when you click on the two stars on Goodreads, the balloon that pops up says "It was OK" and that's exactly what I'd say. A book about crazy celebrity diets should be a quick read, poke fun at the obsessions of the stars, and encourage the reader to keep on living her normal life full of normal food. Mission accomplished. This book gives short insights into some celebrity diets that famous people have said they adhere to. The author is funny and quirky, and gives some realistic advice. Her reactions to these diets are hilarious and maybe even a little biased for those she seems to like the celebrity more on. I feel like some of the days were minimized and not everything was given for how those days went, which diluted the information more than I would have liked. Still, it was an interesting read about these crazy eating habits of the rich and famous.
Was hoping for something a little funnier I guess, a little bland for my taste
people who don't like this book are probably really boring
This has one had funny episodes.
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