I’ll Take New York (2014)
I’ll Take New York (2014)
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I enjoy Miranda Dickinson, I really do. Just cannot give this more than 3 stars. Not quite up to some of her other books. Love a Christmas wedding! Great to see characters from other books.Slightly inconsistent with American/British slang and words?However - This is what frustrated me the most, had me throw the book down several times:I find it very hard to believe any self respecting business woman (she co-owns a bookstore in NYC!) in the 21st century would put up with the way Russ and Otis talk to her. As in Russ literally standing in her way, will not let her pass, will not let her out of the office until she tells him what he wants to know. I would shove him! NO best friend would do that! And - Otis saying he will stand outside of her door (after getting the doorman to let him in - creepy) until she says she will have dinner with him! Slam that door in his face and call security or the cops! Are the British really that passive? The whole Russ friendship does not work for me, nor boyfriend relationship with Otis. I do understand Jake being tempted to get back with his ex. Ten years is a long time to be married and not at least think of trying to make it work. No spoilers here. The end was a given. Simply a matter of reading how they get there.Good book and movie references and suggestions. Think I need to go back and see Serendipity and Definitely, Maybe again. I bought it (from Amazon UK, via Germany) because I want to collect all of M Dickinson, and I recommend it if you like her. You may be put off if this the first book of hers you read. I Am speechless, because the book is so good. It was so impossible to predict what happens next, that I got so mad at the book, that I almost trew it to the floor.Luckily I continued reading, and I just had to know what happens next that I forgot it was time to go to bed.I love books that makes me forget everything, and just makes me wanna keep reading, and forgets everything around me
I really enjoyed this book. It has lots of quirky ideas and is a feel good book.
very hard to put down, a bit predictable but none the less very enjoyable!
I have enjoyed reading this book and would read more from this author.
Great, loved this story
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