Im Bann Des Mondes (2014)
Im Bann des Mondes (2014)
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380258984X (ISBN13: 9783802589843)
Egmont Lyx
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What kills this book is the ending. As another reviewer said. If you've written into your world that a lycan can grow back an arm then surely their immune system can fight off syphilis. So Daisy contracting it from a werewolf bite and turning herself in to a GIM is just stupidity. Does no one else see the big glaring plot hole here? Surely it doesn't matter what Daisy does to save herself as she has almost certainly passed on syphilis to Ian seeing as it has been established that the lycans can contract it... It is a sexually transmitted disease after all! I haven't done much research into the topic but I'm fairly sure that the Victorians were cluey enough to know this yet she keeps sleeping with him anyway.I know Kristen Callahan needed to find a way to make Daisy immortal but surely there had to be another way... Well I liked it better than the first one... The story was better, and the powers aren't so hush hush everybody lying to everyone else about having powers. However, with the success of the first one, we had to put up with the introduction of a whole bunch of other paranormals so that there can be more books. What I didn't like was the last 4pages of the book. Really? It's like a cop out to solve all problems. But I liked Daisy and Ian's sparring, it's cute and it's nice how they have a buildup to their attraction. I'm not sure I hate Craigmore as much as I should, since in those days the moral bar was set really quite high, and what Daisy did before the wedding wouldn't be acceptable to any noble. And even reading it now it would be understandable to have him feel cheated.
This series is brilliantly written
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