I'm Still Here (2014)
I'm Still Here (2014)
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099139173X (ISBN13: 9780991391738)
Kathryn R. Biel
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4.5 stars. Wow. This book certainly was not what I was expecting. I'm not sure what I thought this book was going to do to me, but it certainly wasn't supposed to reduce me to tears. These characters were so spot on and so fleshed out, I felt like they were people I knew personally. And in a way, they were. I absolutely loved Esther and could see her perfectly in my mind. Some of the topics in this book were ones I have experienced in my own family and as sad as it can make you feel, it was heartwarming to realize that you're not alone. Beautifully done. I would highly recommend it. This story has a little bit of family drama, a little bit of romance, and a chick-lit-like main character! This was my first book by Biel, although I have had another one of her books on my Kindle for quite a while. Once I finished this book, I RACED to start the second by her!This book is about Esther Comely-Cox. She was raised by total hippies and is one of seven siblings. Her twin sister, Aster, was always the star and the favorite of the family. That hasn't changed even though she's been missing for seven years. Esther is convinced she committed suicide, but her family refuses to believe it and has even disowned her for it. The book starts with Esther getting into a car accident. She thinks she hears her sister's voice at the scene of the event. She also meets hotty-McHot doctor, O.K. This book is about Esther overcoming her past and her family history to become a strong woman, at a time when she is facing a ton of obstacles. I liked Esther as a main character and I loved to see her character growth. I did have a little bit of difficulty believing her relationship with O.K., for the same reasons Esther didn't understand it. It was difficult to fully understand and see O.K. as a character. He sometimes just seemed like a "prop" for Esther's growth and development. Overall, this book really sucked me in. The family drama kept me interested, as did the mystery with her sister. I liked the main character. The romance portion could have been improved upon. 4 out of 5 stars!
3 1/2 stars. Predictable, easy, fast read. Held my interest but was not what I was expecting.
I wasn't overly fond of the writing style of this author but the story itself sucked me in.
Interesting main character and story held my interest. Good book.
truly lovely book x
A very good book.
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