Immune - Book Two Of The Rho Agenda (2010)
Immune - Book Two of The Rho Agenda (2010)
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Second verse, same as the first. Good story, and the teens seem to have become a little more in touch with real teens of today. They've uttered their first curse words! Pretty gory at times, and still tough to put down. My only problem is that the villain in this book is defeated a little too quick; he's built up as a ruthless madman who's a step ahead of everyone, so when he is defeated (within a few paragraphs) you feel a little cheated. Onto the last book now and looking forward to see how it all ends. An excellent follow-up to The Second Ship. Less realistic than the first, but you're not really reading this book because you think it could happen...its just entertaining! Lots happens and the story takes a ride out of Los Alamos, but I am sure it will return there because that is where the ships are located and I think we'll see more happening with them in the third installment. Can't wait! Guess I'll be downloading that from Amazon today... :)
Much better flow than the first. Jennifers motivations were really unclear to me.
Much better than the first book. Overall, the series is worth reading.
Better than the first book, but somewhat predictable.
Enjoyed the story.
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