Impossible Knife Of Memory, The (2014)
Impossible Knife of Memory, The (2014)
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This book was an eye opener for me. Her dad, being a Vet, suffered from PTSD. I never completely understood what that really was or how badly it could affect someone, and the Impossible Knife of Memory showed me. I have to admit, Hayley wasn't the most relatable character. Some of her actions I had trouble understanding why she did them. Maybe that's because I have no idea how I would act in her situation. There were some weird parts in this book, like the flashbacks, which I didn't completely understand. I would give this book 3.5 stars if given the option. There was romance in this book, which I loved. It didn't take over the whole story while still being a part of the plot. I have to admit: I cried. At the end, I found silent tears slipping down my cheeks. I didn't realize how much I had gotten into this book. I have to admit, this book was a bit depressing at times. Not the best read if you're looking for something uplifting. It had a great message and I would definitely recommend it. The Impossible Knife of Theory written by Laurie Halse Anderson is a young adult novel that is about love, life, and family. The book has something constantly happening, and so it never really slows down. It's an emotional book because of all the love each person has for one another, but also because of how much each person struggles.This book focuses on a young girl Hayley, and her father Andy. Andy is a veteran who cannot escape his past memories at war that continue to haunt him. Hayley carries around this trauma as well. She has returned home after many years. Besides not fitting in at school she has this huge responsibility of taking care of her father. Through her mess of a life she meets Finn, and finds friends. Meeting someone who she might have a future with gives her hope, but she is already weighted down from her fathers troubles. Hayley has shut herself out from the world, but will she be able to open herself up? Will she let herself fall in love or will past memories destroy everyone? I would give this book a 7 out of 10. I felt it dealt with some serious issues, and did a great job portraying the characters emotions through all of it. I rated it a 7 because of all the emotions I felt while reading the book. I hoped, I cried, I wished, and I connected. On the other hand, I thought the most important scene in the book was to rushed. I also did not like that Hayley's father accepts Hayley's help, and then we don't get to see what he does afterwards. The point of the book was to overcome these challenges, but Hayley's troubles were his. I would still definitely recommend this book. I thought it was intriguing, romantic, intense, and shows that there is hope when there's fear.
It was okay. Not great, but not terrible either. I wish she would've wrote more about Finn's sister.
LOVED IT! LHA Rocks as usual.
This was fantastic!!!!!
2/12/15-30 mins
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