Infinity Pools (2011)
Infinity Pools (2011)
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Amber Quill Press, LLC
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Oh Elliot and Derek... I'm so glad I got more of them.This story picks up when they hit the ground in Hawaii and covers the two week vacation that Elliot has taken from his life and agreed to spend with Derek... the sexy stranger he met in the airport in Getting Off the Ground.The chemistry between these two is intense and the time they spend together, in and out of bed, was so heartwarming to read about. You can slowly see these boys falling for each other, even though Derek is a self-imposed playboy who would never dream of settling down and doing the relationship thing.I think the premise of the story makes it believable that these two could fall in love in under two weeks. You can see it happening slowly, see the connections being made, see Derek changing just that much so that it's possible. I absolutely loved this story and am so excited to read the next installment which will be told in Derek's POV and is about the wedding. I was so pleased to see this - I was desperate to see how Elliott and Derek coped with their fortnight together after the one night stand that blew their minds!! And boy, was it worth it. Derek shows Elliott the islands, takes him to gay friendly clubs and basically sets him free to be himself. In the meantime, Elliott is dealing with the end of his relationship with Ben, his guilt about the new relationship with Derek and some majorly unexpected feelings that may turn this two night stand into so much more. Hot sex, seriously hot sex; witty one liners and an understanding of what makes a story a keeper makesw this yet another success from L A Witt as far as I'm concerned. Definitely lived up to the hype!
Part 2 was even better than Part 1! Loving me some Derek and Elliot. On to Part 3!
Another book with hot Elliott and Derek sex. Count me in!
Nice read but didn't quite buy the HEA.
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