Inherited Danger (Godsland, #2) (2008)
Inherited Danger (Godsland, #2) (2008)
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I was briefly concerned at the beginning that the style of writing had changed, but it quickly settled down. The story moves at a good pace again. The Lord of the Rings influence is even more apparent in this book: a journey through a mine; Barabas - a giant of a man that has the qualities of Tom Bombadil; but it continues to be its own story.It is a good read and I was ready to head straight into book 3.I am rather glad that I have been reading these books on Kindle, as I think the paperback covers would have put me off. An excellent sequel. New details and suspense begin to unfold. New characters are added that are even more likeable. One of the things I like most about fantasy is that the authors always tend to was philosophical. Catrin explores her senses and how they relate to the world and other life around her. The concept of powers beyond the mortals and how they relate to supreme being/s really comes through.There is more adventure and danger at every step of the way. The world is on the brink of destruction (as most usually are) but it's possibly the mechanizations of mankind that are a greater threat than any supernatural hazard.Once again, I'm left wanting to start the next book instantly. :) These books are truly difficult to put down.
Well, he's getting better... But not quite there.
intriguing... mysterious.. n awesome!!!
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