Into The Bermuda Triangle (2012)
Into the Bermuda Triangle (2012)
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Another first installment in a serial. I really should plan to attack these by just reading all of the installments in succession because the problem I have is that they don't always tell enough of a story in each installment. I'm very curious about what's going to happen with Paul, but in this one we barely meet him and don't really get a sense of him as a protagonist at all before it's cutting off for the next installment. I do intend to read the next one (I already have the entire series ready to go), but I'm skeptical at this point because of the way this first installment ended. This is the first installment in a serial story titled Turbulence. I'm not sure what to make of it so far. It ended on a classic cliffhanger. The Dallas/Paul attraction has real potential and the Bermuda Triangle mystery reminds me of my childhood. I used to be majorly freaked out by the Bermuda Triangle and watched tons of TV shows documenting strange disappearances.It such a coincidence...just the other day I launched a full out explanation for my daughter about this very thing. We're moving, and my husband and I kept referring to the front curb as the "Bermuda Triangle" because every time we set stuff out there to get rid of it magically disappears.
Quick read about two male employees of an airline and a route to Bermuda.
can I have my 15 minutes back?
When do we get the next part?
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