Invisible World (2012)
Invisible World (2012)
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0545334861 (ISBN13: 9780545334860)
Scholastic Press
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This book was a quick read not very long. I had bought it from my school book fair because the whole salem witch trial aspect had promise. Yes parts were suspenseful but, I felt that it fell short. It took a while to get into the book and really read it. I would read more by Suzanne Weyn because her plot was good just didn't come across as I had hoped. I do recommend this book because others may like it better. It wasn't the worst thing but it wasn't the best. Based on the description I thought this book had promise, but it fell very short of that promise. I won't bore you with a long description of the book as you can read it in the product description above, but here it is briefly. Background: Elsabeth comes from a line of women who have certain gifts and knowledge of magic. She is gifted with clairvoyance and through the encouragement of her father and her tutor Bronwyn her gifts grow and she learns more magic. Plot: Elsabeth travels to America with her family but the ship wrecks and she washes upon a South Carolina plantation where she falls in love. She is separated from her love and sent to America where she finds Bronwyn has survived and is inhabited by an evil spirit and is plaguing Salem. A bunch of people including Elsabeth are accused of being witches.I only have one positive thing to say about this book--The author writes about an interesting time period and Weyn puts an interesting twist on it by making magic real and not inherently evil.I struggled with this book a lot. In fact, I think I was able to finish it only because I was drinking wine while reading most of it and I skimmed the last quarter of it. The characters were flat and lacked depth. Elsabeth doesn't even seem to mourn the loss of her father and sister, and she never really explores or develops her magical abilities. The "romance" between Elsabeth and the boy she meets was very unbelievable. They transitioned from acquaintance to romance so quickly that I actually had to go back an reread a couple pages to see if I'd missed how it happened...and I never quite got it. And by the end of the book everything had wrapped up too nicely. Don't get me wrong, I love a happy ending, but this one was just too contrived. All in all, interesting story idea, but Weyn needed to develop her characters, conflict, and plot a lot more.
I loved it!!! I loved it so much that I have reread it 5 times! No joke!
The ending was just really fast and quick... :(
This book was very all over the place.
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