Iorich (2010)
Iorich (2010)
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0765312085 (ISBN13: 9780765312082)
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9/10One of my favorite Vlad books--he's in the city (where he belongs) and all his friends are involved. He gets to use skills from when he was an assassin, although he is still shielded from magic & sorcery. Loved seeing Cawti and Kragar again, and watching "Vlad Jr." as he progresses. Interesting parallels between Empress Zerika and Vlad at the end of the book, and the "out-take" chapter bits were very clever! This Vlad Taltos book is in fine form, with witty dialog and clever character interaction. The setting returns to Adrilankha, a city that is almost a character itself. Some reviewers have complained that this novel has less action that some of the previous works, but I think that is both intentional and appropriate. Part of the theme is that Vlad is no longer the young man eager to take on the entire Empire. His Dragearan friends have barely changed in the eight years he has been away from the city, but that is a significant chunk of Vlad's lifetime. "Old age and treachery beat youth and speed any day," as they saying goes, but Vlad's got plenty of young enemies that would love to disprove that particular aphorism.
Disappointing. After the heights of Issola, and the solidity of Dzur, this feels weightless.
Vlad Taltos continues to survive, this time in the heart of his hometown.
Always enjoy another adventure with Vlad Taltos - this is no exception!
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