Iron Gray Sea (2012)
Iron Gray Sea (2012)
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0451464540 (ISBN13: 9780451464545)
Roc Hardcover
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Done and this is as wonderful as the rest. I'll give it a 4.5 star because I still really like the end of the third book and the battle of Baalkpon and there is no way to single that one out. It's the same wining mix of characters, old villains, new villains, daring rescues, and a horrifying and wonderfully written last stand and fight to the death. This book has a very steampunk feel to it now, but it is so smooth and well done, without the gritty feel that most steampunk books have I hadn't realized it. There are airships and ironclads, muskets cannons and rifles and guns (big big guns) airplanes and Zeppelins and even steam ships. A wonderful young princess, who is bright, strong and stands her ground well and a rag-wagon duel to the death between a rogue Japanese Destroyer and the old and battle weary USS Walker DD163. I've read through 7 books and this series doesn't disappoint. It's a fantastic story. And, like Randolph Lalonde's Spinward Fringe (First book Origins (Broadcast 0) is free for kindle) which started okay and just kept getting better and better, this book started better than Lalonde's and has risen to be just as wonderful by book 7. One more then I have to wait for the next one. I have to say that, as much as I liked the first book (and all since) that Taylor Anderson's writing and the editors editing have gotten better and better. The romance between star crossed lovers is great. Less Dennis Silva in this one, but he had a huge role in the last two, and a great battle. So far, this Taylor Anderson may be my favorite writer of battles. These are no exception. It's just a fantastic story. A lot of violence, so maybe not too young, some foul language but even that is pretty tame, some love and romance but only reference to sex and not much of that (romance is tastefully done here and doesn't take a way or distract from the story). Three thumbs up.... if I had three. The Dominion and the rogue Japanese destroyer are taken care of, at least for now. The Allies appear to be overmatched by the Grik and their new weapons, airships and strategy. We finally learn who the envoy from the Japanese and Grik was sent to - a new ally for the Alliance or a new foe? Will have to wait for the next installment to find out.Took me a little longer to get through this one. Not as action packed as previous installments and there are several story lines to follow.
I love it and this is the best so far and I aqm looking forward to the next in the series.
Excellent, again. Went by too fast, so called there is Storm Surge.
I don't even know what was up with this book.
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