It Happens For A Reason (2000)
It Happens for a Reason (2000)
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One line for the book: A thought-provoking story.About the book: The book narrates the story of a woman, who faces all the odds as a single unmarried parent. It highlights the aspects of good parenting and also bad parenting.What I love about the book: Although the underlying theme of the book is parenting, it also highlights how our friends and beloved ones stand as pillars of rock at the time of adversities. You can also see the author's love for dogs in the book.What I did not like about the book: Nothing, really. I liked each and every part of the book.What I learned from the book:When you are being too hard on your kids, think twice - do you really need to be so strict?It's not enough to just love a person, it's important to convey how you feel. And this applies to all kinds of relationships. By not expressing your love, you may lose your loved ones.It's always important to make time for your family and friends. If you have been postponing a vacation, maybe you should immediately go for it. You can always make up for lost money, but you can never bring back deceased people. That vacation that you could never find time for will be the biggest repentance of your life.Kids grow faster than what we expect. And, before we realize it, they think and behave like adults. So, we must always treat them like adults. Preeti Shenoy is one of my favorite authors, which obviously means my expectations for "It happens for a reason" were very high. The book came as a disappointment. This is definitely not Preeti's best work. As usual, Preeti has beautifully created characters that are authentic and practical. There are no over exaggerated moments and the twists in the plot are genuine. Yet, there's something missing in the story. Something that is small enough to be hard to recognize, but large enough to know it is not whole.
And as expected , a very well knitted novel by Shenoy :) :)
Boring.. Really predictable.. Another teen pregnancy
Liked it! Good work by Preeti.
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