It Rains In February: A Wife's Memoir Of Love And Loss (2000)
It Rains in February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss (2000)
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This book has been on my kindle for quite some time, waiting for me to focus on it. Last night I did and am sorry. My heart goes out to people with mental illness and I thank God I am neither one of them or married to one. I had a great deal of trouble feeling any sympathy for Stuart for his self-pity. He virtually destroyed his wife - and unfortunately she was entangled in co-dependency. I realise this book was cathartic for the wife to write and that it may have helped her immensely, but to be honest, I could have slapped the lot of them. The account of how Stuart's wife and sister propped up this narcissist through his obsessive love for another woman (also a narcissist, whose husband should have booted her out) and through his disregard of his children, was so annoying that I skipped pages at a time.Refusing to consider psychiatric treatment or even medication, checking himself out of hospital, was hardly helpful and an indication that Stuart had no intention of helping himself. His wife is told by her therapist to start concentrating on herself for a change (the therapist saw the writing on the wall) but disregards her advice, even for the sake of her children. After the inevitable happens, this lady still refuses to heed her therapist and focuses on the deceased husband, even telling her very small children what he has done. I think that could have waited until they were a lot older. I hope the family has healed now and can move on to better things. Very sad memoir, beautifully written. What this woman, her two little girls, and her friends and family went through because of her husband's (in my opinion) selfish infidelity and then suicide is too much to even fathom. But I do understand there are always two sides to any story.Mine is not to judge, though. I can only talk about the writing and the tale Leila Summers tells: the prose is grimly fascinating, as is her story. And I can only wish her - and her daughters - well.
Didn't like writer's writing style. Hard to follow and didn't make least yo me
Long and drawn out but an interesting look into the mind of someone with mental illness
Painful to get through. Beautifully written.
Very good read, although it was a sad book.
I really enjoyed this book !
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