It Started With A Scandal (2000)
It Started With a Scandal (2000)
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0062334824 (ISBN13: 9780062334824)
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3.5 stars.I enjoyed this beauty-and-the-beast plus fallen-women-becoming-a-servant story. It's rare that the father of the child never shows up, and I enjoyed this story. The way Philippe's attitude towards Elise changed throughout the book (from ringing to test her as a housekeeper to then just wanting her to help him) was very natural and spoke through the interactions between them. Their admiration for each other was also apparent. Utterly fantastic read! This is why I read the Pennyroyal books. The writing was superb and the characters were so well drawn that I could picture them easily.Elise is a single mother who has lost her teaching job and is now applying as a housekeeper in Lord Lavay's home. He is recuperating from an attack that left him nearly dead.Two people, neither looking or wanting any relationship find themselves drawn to each other. Clever dialogue, witty comebacks, and kindness, yes a lot of kindness, form a solid basis for friendship and possibly more.There is a bit of drama but nothing overly done. Of course, Lyon Redmond hints are found throughout but I liked, no loved, this story even though I want to read Long and Olivia's. This is so good I wanted to read it again-immediately!
Lovely, beautiful, everything I look for in a book. Julie Anne Long really is a wonderful writer.
ditandai to-read dulu, walaupun udah nyerah baca seri ini. Kisah Leon dan Olivia kapaaaaan....?!?
I rated this book 4.5 out of 5 stars as a Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews.
4.25 a great read. Jack was a cutie
This book was a delight.
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