Jack And Yani Love Harry Potter (2013)
Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter (2013)
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What a lovely, fun-filled, clean romantic comedy book! Highly liked the fan aspect of this book but you don't need to be a fan to enjoy reading this. I also liked that this group of characters were in their late 20's to early 30's. Lately a lot of romance books I've read are characters in their late teens to early 20's or to the older spectrum of a group in their late 30's to mid 40's. So having a group of characters in this age bracket was a nice surprise. Great character development and descriptive writing, good story line and a short, but complete, read. Mix in some nerdiness and geeky fandoms and you've got one fun-filled bundle of joy! Recommend for those with the fan geek inside them or those that want to understand their fan geek friend. Those that like a clean, fun, quick romantic read should also enjoy this book.Receive this book via LibraryThing.com member giveaway for an honest review. (4.5 stars) This book was completely adorable! I really enjoyed the switching between the two main character's POV, allowing the reader to see and understand their relationship; it provided much needed background information and emotional situation. The characters of this book consist of the classic group of friends, which makes it only too easy to become part of the gang as they make their wild cross country journey. Also, the fact that the main character likes and visits the places of all my favorite books is so relatable, even the twilight parts because I can remember fangirling over that like no other. I am very jealous of all the places our leading lady Yani traveled to, but like they say books take you places so now I guess I can claim to have gone to this places as well, jk. Not only did this book have a great plot and theme and cast, it was written beautifully. It was hilarious and charming and heartfelt. even though I only kind of see the relevance of the candy blog I still really enjoyed reading the commentary each time. Lastly, I would just like to ask the author one question 'does Robbert Patternson know he is in your book?' can you even do that without his permission?
quick, light, and fluffy. There is no substance whatsoever, but it sure was fun to read :)
What a fun, quick read! Great for a shady spot on a summer afternoon.
Cute story!
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