Jagd Im Morgengrauen (2012)
Jagd im Morgengrauen (2012)
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THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS.Again, as I've said with the last two books in the Vampire Diaries series, I'm not a mean reviewer, and hate giving ratings as less than 3.5, but I can't express how upset and angry I am that such a brilliant book series has been completely wasted by firing the previous writer LJ Smith and hiring a ghost writer to finish the series.I was strongly disappointed by this book. The ghost writer doesn't understand Elena's character or her feelings for Damon which seem to be mostly ignored and only thrown in to remind people that the story is a love triangle. Her choice of Stefan seemed unrealistic and was so badly written that you can tell the ghost writer has no feelings for the characters whatsoever and was just writing an ending that the publishing company ordered her to. Don't waste your time. If you're reading it for a love triangle you won't get it, because as soon as the real author LJ Smith was fired from writing the series because she wanted Elena to be with Damon, the only person who Elena would choose would be Stefan. Not a love triangle, a farce. The idea that after all that Damon and Elena have been through in this series, particularly the strength of Elena's feelings for Damon in Midnight where she very nearly kills herself because she can't imagine a world without Damon in it because she loved him so much, the way the new writer wrote that Elena's feelings for Damon were only that of a sibling was disgusting and if it wasn't so infuriating it would have been funny. I'm honestly devastated with this series, and I'm honestly going to pretend the last three books in this series didn't exist. The series ends for me with Midnight, where Elena's feelings were clear and understandable. LJ Smith's explanation that Damon and Elena were Twin Flames should have been clear enough that Elena's feelings for Damon weren't that of a sibling. The very definition of Twin Flames is that it is a romantic, passionate and all-consuming love. If anything, the definition of 'Soul Mates' which LJ Smith describes as Stefan and Elena is actually also used to describe close sibling bonds. Sorry for the rant, but the inconsistencies in this book infuriated me, and I'm honestly devastated that such a wonderful series that has held so much promise has been thrown away by firing a brilliant writer and storyteller. So I read this book in about three days, I didn't keep up with updating every time I put the book down. However I did put it in when I started and finished as soon as I did, I have been a little busy to review, plus I needed to take a little time to figure out exactly how I felt about it before I reviewed it. I do not know precisely yet if this is the last book in the series... If it is then I am OK with that. Just like in any other series I read when I read the last book I am a little sad that I won't be able to read about them any further. When I read a book it comes to life for me in a way, as I read I can almost see it playing out in front of me.... I feel like I know the characters and am a part of their group. I loved the twists and turns in this book. The story kept with the rest of the series and if you didn't know it was a part of a series when first reading it you would almost not feel left behind, like the rest of the series. Each book keeps you updated and yet is it's own part of the bigger story, without completely being dependent on one another. If you have not picked up this series yet I thin you should.... even if you have sampled the TV show and hated it. The books are almost completely different, for one Elena's looks and friends looks are different, Stefan is pretty much the same although Damon is even more of an ass if that is possible, but in a good way, for which you would have to read the books in order to get it. If I tried to explain every difference between the show and books I would be writing for days and I have written enough now.
It was kind of dragging during the first half. But I'm glad it picked itself up around midway.
Good Again. I always feel bad for Damon because I really like him.
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