Jak Mi Jane Austenová Zničila život (2011)
Jak mi Jane Austenová zničila život (2011)
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Hmmmm. I don't know quite what to think of this book. It was really well-written, so the three stars weren't because it was badly done. I didn't quite understand where the protagonist was coming from... I didn't understand the choices she made. I would have done things very differently, so that made it hard for me to connect with her.What I really liked was all the Jane Austen information, whether truthful or not. I enjoyed that very much. What I didn't like so much was that it didn't end the way I wanted it to, but I guess considering that the "heroine" was trying to prove that happy endings don't exist, it kinda makes sense. But ugh. I just wanted that happy end so badly! I've read several Jane Austen inspired novels and this is one of the few that I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. The book is charming and has a light quality to it, but at the same time I could feel Emma's pain and confusion. The ending wasn't predictable, but it was hopeful. The Jane Austen element was different and I thought was woven well throughout the story. This book was a real treat for me and a good way to wind down book reading for 2009.
I loved this book. Very interesting story for an Austen fan. Wish it was a series.
Jane Austen severler için fazla sürükleyici.
LOVED this book! Read it in one sitting!!
Cute story, interesting twist.
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