Jane's Melody (2013)
Jane's Melody (2013)
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When I first read the description of this book, my first thought was, WHAT MOTHER IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVEN CONSIDER GETTING INVOLVED WITH THEIR DEAD DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND!?However, after reading this book, I can tell you that I was entirely wrong. This is such a beautifully written story. I grew so attached to the characters. It is almost impossible not to feel Jane's grief from losing her daughter. Yet Caleb is like her night in shining armor and will put a huge smile on your face when the book gets too sad. Caleb is such a sweetheart. The way he caters to Jane is so romantic and wonderful. Their chemistry is HOT as well =)I was sad when I finished, until I realized that here is a sequel to this! I am halfway through that now. Will be reviewing soon. 4.5 great story about finding love in unexpected places and finding a way to live after experiencing heartbreaking grief. I loved Jane and Caleb's story. There was a tiny bit from Caleb's POV that left me wanting more. I wanted to see more of his side of the story. I don't know if I will read the next one,because I'm a fan of HEA and I want this to be theirs. I know it's unrealistic to think they won't have problems and bumps in the road in the future, but there are some couples I feel like have been through enough to last more than a lifetime and Jane and Caleb are definitely one of those couples. I'd like to be blissfully unaware and imagine a life filled with love and happiness for them both.
This could have been a lovely story but the sexual content and the use of the "F" word, ruined it.
Very predictable. I guess it is not my type of book.
January 2015. Good. Audible.
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