Janitors (2011)
Janitors (2011)
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Shadow Mountain
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While imaginative and fun, I would argue that this book (obviously meant for students in grades roughly 4-6) relies too heavily on language not entirely accessible to the audience (unless the students, like Spencer, are overly concerned with large vocabularies and correct spelling). I enjoyed the creation of the magical elements of Toxites and how custodial items could fight them, and even how Alice was supportive of Spencer. Certain questions—like why the BEM would stop fighting Toxites—obviously go unanswered so that subsequent books may be written, but the complete lack of closure leaves a gaping hole in this, otherwise, nicely tied together narrative. The language is easily a 9th grade level, and that is a major drawback in recommending this particular book. Not a bad book, cute, but I felt really bad for Spencer with his mom not really able to hold things together after his father left. She had five kids to raise on her own and she wasn't quite able to do it. The house was a mess, she didn't really listen to Spence until it was just about too late and the youngest kid was a terror. Not to mention they were living in a house borrowed from a relative and they didn't take care of it at all. The beginning was sad and the bad guy was a bit obvious. Maybe not to a kid, but it was to me. Also, lets give kids another reason why they are disruptive in school. First it was ADD/ADHD, now it's Toxites. Not dissing those who have it, but it seems to be overly diagnosed and medicated. Also not clear why the bad guy is bad. I'm assuming it'll become clear in future books. Cute book, but not overly interested in reading the next one.
It is okay. A little confusing but exciting.
Cute book. Funny story.
this book is awesome
I loved this book!!
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