Jarrettsville (2009)
Jarrettsville (2009)
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This historical fiction is based on the life of real people and events. It is set just after the Civil War in an around Jarrettsville, Maryland in Harford County. The book deals with the events surrounding the death of Nicholas McComas who was killed by his jilted fiance.Though interesting, the author's characterizations of the people was hard to believe. Both seemed truly unable to communicate with the other and this lack of communication lead to murder. It would have been easier to believe had there been real conflict between the two. Of course, the author doesn't know what actually happened between the two but her unwillingness to fill in the blanks makes the characters seem unreal. Even so, the portrayal of life in post-Civil War Maryland is interesting in it's own end. This is one small community in Harford county Maryland after the Civil War, but it encapsulates the experience of former slaves and their owners, men returning from war, the way a civil war in a slave state that fought on the northern side wasn't over when the peace treaty was signed. It shows how hatreds simmered for years in communities with both northern and southern sympathizers. The expected role of "ladies" and their sexuality or supposed lack of it is also at the heart of the story.So much to discuss...
Have not read many (if any) Civil War Era stories and I ended up really enjoying this one!
I really enjoyed this book, part of a run of civil war era reads.
a pretty good book club pick from our local publisher
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