Jenna's Cowboy (2010)
Jenna's Cowboy (2010)
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Nate comes home after two tours in the war, he meets up again with Jenna who is his old boss's daughter. Nate has liked Jenna since high school but has never said he likes her. The two hit it off and even though Jenna has been married and has suffered scares from her divorce along with a small son 'Zack' in tow. The story line is OK. The talk about the problems Nate faces from being in the war is good. There are some good lessons to learn from sharing what PTSD is, along with the treatments. That was good to learn,along with what to look for. What I didn't find realistic are a few things: Nate seemed to talk to Jenna and others very openly. He had no problem discussing himself. Don't think guys do this so openly (even Christian guys) don't like to talk about their problems so openly.. AND esp. a soldier just home from Iraq. Jenna's son Zack though cute and funny acts and talks more like he's three or four years old Not a baby who has just turned two. He's using some big words for some little guy still in diapers, along w/ how he is already figuring life and problems out on his a year in half? seriously?... Lastly I thought it hard to believe Nate had never kissed anyone in all this time... that Jenna was his first kiss. Come on' he's 29, and sexual temptation is great,he's been to war. The idea of cuddling on the couch once was never really talked about further or how either felt afterwards, it's something that should be discussed further than just say he got up and went home...really?. The author should have expressed this better and maybe discussed the challenges it brings in being alone as often as these two seemed to be. The story line is cute and somewhat romantic but not very realistic in my opinion. No girl just accepts the first ring at the store w/o looking at others too.She had money, been married before, and he's a Vet.. How could she just say Ok that's just too much money for you to spend esp w/ the dr. bills. Jenna and Nate lived in a fairy tale for the most part in this story. Wouldn't recommend this book, unless your young and innocent w/o children. Jenna Callahan got married to Jimmy Colby, a high school football star that was drafted into pro-football for the Dallas cowboys , he and Jenna had a son, Zach. After Jenna and Jimmy had Zach, they got a divorce because Jimmy was having an affair with someone else. Jenna lived in a small town in West Texas near Callahan Crossing. She lives with her parents and her son, she works with her dad and brothers. Dub, Jenna's dad, is the owner of Callahan crossing. Jenna's brothers, Chance and Will, help their dad take care of the ranch and the business.Nate Langley, son of Chris and Tom Langley, went to school with Jenna and had a big crush on her. Jenna's dad wasn't always okay with Nate liking Jenna when he worked on the ranch. After 9/11 happened it inspired Nate to join the army and was sent to Afghanistan. While he was in Afghanistan Nate mom, Chris, wrote him a letter saying that Jenna got married and had a kid. After Nate got done in Afghanistan and he was on leave, he decided that he was going to go back home and do what he did best by working on a ranch.When Nate gets home he stops at the store to get things for his mom and dad. While he is in the store he hears teenage kids talking about school to the workers. While in the store he hears the boys talking to a girl and he tries to see who it is. He peeks around the corner of the isle and sees that it is Jenna. Nate's gets interrupted by the deli lady waving at home letting him know that his food is ready and by that time Jenna had left. Jenna is driving down the road and she gets a flat tire. Jenna gets out to change the tire and when she checks it, the mechanic had put the lug nuts on to tight. She had told the mechanic to not put them on so tight so that she can't get the lug nuts off to change the tire. Jenna tries to call her brother Chance at the office to help her, but when she called his assisted answered and said that he was in a meeting. Jenna was going to call her dad and Will but she thought that they would've left their phones in the truck while out on the ranch. Jenna's sees a truck coming down the road, so she went to get her pistol from in between the seats for protection. When she recognized the truck she put it up. Jenna thought that it was Nate Langley's dads truck. When the truck pulled over to the side of the road, and when she saw who got out if the truck she was surprised. Jenna said that she didn't know that Nate was back in town, Nate told Jenna that he was back for ever now. While Nate changed Jenna's tire they talked about old times and what his plans were to do now that he is out of the army. Jenna told Nate that they had an opening at the ranch that he could work. When Jenna got home the family sat down for dinner and talked about their day and Jenna told them that she ran into Nate. When Dub heard that Jenna ran into him he was that excited. Jenna's mom, Sue, was excited to hear that Nate was home safely. She told her dad that she had told Nate to call him to talk about the job.Later that night Nate called Dub to talk to him about the job, before Nate got a chance to talk Dub told Nate to come over tonight to talk. When Nate arrived at the Callahan's house everyone was so excited to see him and couldn't wait to give him the biggest hugs they had. Nate talked to them all for awhile before him and Dub went into his office to talk. They talked and talked for a long time before they came out of Dub's office. When they got out Dub said that Nate would start tomorrow. When Nate got home he laid down on his bed and was thinking about what he and Jenna had been threw in high school. After Nate got the job, him and Jenna hit it off there. Later that night Nate asked Jenna to go to the homecoming game with him and she said that was a great idea, before that she was nervous and didn't know what to say or do.After awhile dating Jenna, Nate starts to get nightmares from when he was overseas in Afghanistan. He never thought that he would ever get that way. When Nate had an outburst with Jenna's brother, Chance, he realized that he could be danger to Jenna and Zach. Nate is told that he has PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nate solves the problem by going to counseling to see if that helps stop the problem. Nate's counselor tells him to take these pills everyday to see if that helps.Later in the year it goes by smooth but there was a bump in the road that caused Nate and Jenna to fight some. When Jenna goes to talk to Dub about everything that is going on with her and Nate. Dub told her that he had told Nate when they were in high school that he told Nate to stay away from her. After Dub told Nate that he wanted her to stay away from Jenna is when he told himself that it was time for him to leave. When Jenna heard he dad tell her that she didn't know what to say to him. Jenna asked her dad what he was talking about and what he meant.Dub told Jenna that he wanted his daughter to marry someone that was going places that knew what they were going to do in live and have a career that was moving forward. Jenna asked her dad that's why you were pushing me to make a life with Jimmy Don. Dub said that the only reason was because a lot of colleges were pursing to let him in to their school and he knew that Jimmy Don was going to have a successful career. Dub told Jenna that Nate was ruining his plan to keep him away from her. Jenna said that if her dad hadn't done any of that, Nate might actually be more open about his feelings. Dub told Jenna that because if his mistakes, she had suffered a lot, and he had put her through so much pain. Jenna told her dad that he didn't make her marry him, she chose to marry him because she thought she loved him. Dub asked Jenna if she had loved Nate the whole time. Jenna told her dad that she she had and the whole time she had be dwelling on the past the whole time, and how she always wished Nate would come after her.Jenna told her dad that her and Nate have a long future ahead of them, and for her dad to let everything that he has done go and move forward with life. Finally Nate and Jenna got married and raised Zach together as if it was both of theirs kid. Next year when January arrived life for them went back to normal. They feed the cattle and horses. Nate kept teaching Ebony the intricacies of cutting cattle from a heard. Every Saturday night was a date night for he and Jenna, they went on horseback rides durning the summer. They spent time out of their day to play with Zach and spend time as a whole family. The only day of the week that they didn't work was Sunday, it was a weekly routine for them.
It was a warm story. I really liked how they addressed the issue of PTSD in Veterans.
this was a great book. one of my favorites! it was very heart warming and romantic
I guess I didn't realize that it was a christian book kinda cheezy
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