Jerusalem Maiden (2011)
Jerusalem Maiden (2011)
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I'm really glad I stuck with this book, because I enjoyed the last half much more than the first half. I was a little put off by the main character's beliefs throughout the entire thing, but I suppose that means the author did a good job portraying them. As a Jewish woman reading this book I was more than a little horrified at the main character's quality of life and the horrors that were thrust upon her in the name of religion. But I was rooting for her and I'm glad I finished this book. An interesting look into a world I didn't know much about. I got about half-way through but the unending misery and lack of a protagonist with any apparent goal got to me. I don't know enough about the historical period in question, or Orthodox Jews in that context, to know how accurate this portrayal is. Obviously, the anti-Semitism and discrimination were a horrific reality, but the family's insistence on making life as cheerless and crap for themselves and their daughter as possible just frustrated me.
would have abandoned if not for book club. I threw it down in disgust many times
One of my new favorite books. Not sure it's for everyone though.
Loved it!
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