Jesus Wants To Save Christians: A Manifesto For The Church In Exile (2008)
Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile (2008)
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Wow. All I can say is Wow. What an amazing book. Rob Bell really hit one out of the park with this one. I don't even know where to begin with this book. I will say that Rob Bell's examination of the Exodus and what it means for those the follow Christ. What really blew my mind is how Bell shows us that God is doing a "new thing" when Christ comes into the world. That Christ is ushering in a new Exodus. He is here to do what Moses did with the people in Egypt but on a much grander scale. Moses was just saving one group of people; through Jesus God is saving all of Humanity. I also was very taken with how Bell explains the role of the modern church and how we have lost our way. As the people of God we have some how become comfortable and so "blessed" that we are indifferent to the cries of those that are hurting. Just as the Bible teaches us; Bell explains that Christ is a servant to humanity. He was born to serve and so are we. That through serving others we are worshiping God because God tells us to "listen" to the cries of those that are needy. I would definitely have to agree with Bell; the modern church often misses the plot of the Jesus story and has become to comfortable with not sharing their faith with those that need it to most. As one once said; sometimes we are the only bible that anyone will ever see. This book is definitely now one of my favorites. One that I will be talking about for months and months.Here are a few quotes that I loved"God who is defined by action on behalf of the oppressed. God is about giving the good gift. Jesus is God's good gift for the healing of the world. The church is Jesus's body, a good gift for the healing of the world""A Church is an organization that exists for the benefits of nonmembers...this blessing extends even to our enemies""Everybody would understand their role as priests. That everybody would worship God by serving each other. That those wouldn't be two things, but one. This is why God continually mentions the widow, the orphan, and the refugee. Remembering them, caring for them, serving them is worshiping God" This is the third book by Rob Bell. And I think it may be his weakest. In Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Bell draws comparisons to the current political activism of some Evangelical Christian circles and Rome, The United States and Rome. Both Rome and The USA are "empires". Both use the expression peace through force. Both were occupying another country.Whether you agree with Bell's accusations, his conclusions bring out some great thought and debate. Check out some of these stats:Every 7 seconds, a child under age 5 dies of hunger. Americans throw away 14 % of their food.More than half of the world lives on less than 2 dollars a day. The average American teenager spends $150 a week.Most of the people in the world do not own a car. 1/3 of American families own 3 cars.Americans spend more annually on trash bags than half the world does on all goods.These stats are found on page 122 & 123 of the book. And they're not meant to give you guilt. They aren't meant to give you reason to hate America. They are meant to get you off your seat and be passionate about the things Jesus is passionate about.While not as good as Velvet Elvis or Sex God, Jesus Wants to Save Christians is a great read for any follower of Christ.
Wow. What a fresh but Biblical way to look at the -- well -- Bible?
Much better food for discussion.
Narrative Theology at its best!
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