Joe The Barbarian (2011)
Joe the Barbarian (2011)
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1401229719 (ISBN13: 9781401229719)
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The art is sensational; Murphy's awesome. The story is not the most creative of stories, but the artwork completely makes up for it. The last page is probably my favorite. The guy puts so much into each page. The backgrounds are incredibly detailed and still look like a cool dystopian world while being realistic, if you know what I mean? I did like the whole idea of the story and a lot of it is really awesomely done, but a few of the characters seem a little generic, like rushed? It's a very great book, in any case. The art alone is just...mind blowing. I read the beginning and skimmed the rest. It has nice art, but I'm always a bit leery of this sort of story. I've seen it done well once or twice, the most memorable one featuring an alternate world that was undeniably part of the main character's psyche. This story seemed to try to present the fantasy world as having an independent existence, but does not do a convincing job of it; having characters that are action figures and other toys certainly doesn't help.Also, Joe is kind of annoying. Sure he has a hard life, but he seems too enamored of his own misery. and given the interpretation that it was all some sort of hallucination, there is no proof that he grows out of this.
Four ratings purely on basis of Sean Murphy's art.Morrison sucked on this though.
Beautiful artwork and an excellent, suspenseful story.
Reminds me of I kill giants and one bad rat.
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