Journey To Virginland: CATENA (2013)
Journey to Virginland: CATENA (2013)
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I have received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.I found this book very interesting. It won’t be just a book you’ve read, trust me. It has some very cool elements in it and they definitely have their appeal. Like the map at the beginning of the book. It has all these funny names, like Shakespearessex and Alpacinoland. In the book he also mentioned Pornstan, really cool.The book itself was very funny. It had great lines like “”I command you to be obedient to a husband,” they say the Word has said. The Word has forgotten to add, “If your husband is not a manpanzee.”” I really liked that one. It was also very sarcastic and cynical sometimes. Sometimes a bit too harsh, I think. It was really platonic about sex and he kind of mate fun of our whole society. “Authority means never having to think once.” It’s very true, but a bit mean. Another thing I found very strange were the random-out-of-nowhere comments he sometimes made. Like “Padre tries to touch his nose with his tongue, but he just can’t.” Very shocking.Unfortunately, this isn’t the right book for me. That’s probably because I’m too young and too little involved with politics. Half of the time I had the feeling that I wasn’t getting a joke, and that’s a pity. I wasn’t able to completely enjoy it like a real fan would. I really do hope you will. Have fun! I received this book courtesy of Goodreads.I maybe should have passed on entering tobwin this book given the author's warning that it was not an easy read.Basically I fought the book and the book one.While there is a lot of wit and creativity displayed by the author, the book became more of a chore to read than the benefit I achieved through reading. Like ordering a strange dish in an exotic country, there were parts that I enjoyed and parts that I could not digest. At the end of the day I am not totally sure of what I ate or in this case read.
I just couldn't finish this book. It was beyond bad. It makes absolutely no sense.
Definately a voice to be heard. Brutally honest and in your fac. Great book :)
Not my type of book.
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