Jurassic Dead (2014)
Jurassic Dead (2014)
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Severed Press
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It's good, but a lack of proofreading lets it down. Also, Zombie dinosaurs I can believe in, but the motorcycle chase at the end just defies all laws of motorcycle physics. And you can't start a motorcycle by repeatedly twisting the key in the ignition, that's just crazy talk. You either kick-start it with your foot or press a switch with your thumb, depending on the age of the motorcycle. Jurassic Dead is an action packed start to what is more than likely to be a much bigger piece of a much bigger puzzle. Remarkably, the action starts right away within the first three pages. A main character is introduced right away and bam the story is right there.A privately funded project in Antarctica has found the legendary gigantic lake miles below the ice on the continent. With the intentions of raising up the remains of several dinosaurs from over 65 million years ago. The unfortunate thing about doing something like that is the possibility of bringing something else up with it.When the mostly intact corpses of a T-Rex and a few other dinosaurs start to awaken onboard a ship on route to a private island, a bite from on of the dinosaurs doesn't end there. A plague of enormous proportions has begun to be released, and only the efforts of a few cant possibly and hopefully end it before it reaches the general population.The novel is written in such a way, with so much solid action, that you almost feel in the middle of it all. At first, once the action started and didn't let up, ZI found myself waiting for a lull, to get more story. I began to think that this was a flaw in the writing, But then as I continued to read, I found that this was absolutely necessary for the story to be told. With slight overtones of "World War Z", this story was something totally different and refreshing. The characters aren't really fleshed out as well as they could have been, but I also realized that sometimes that fleshing out process isn't always needed at times. There is enough back story to get the job done. Sometimes you have to think about the characters and say, "do I really need to know more and am I that curious about what drives them?" or "what made them think about the choices they made in their lives several years before to get them to this point?". I found that I knew enough about them for the story to work in my favor. I'm sure that not everyone will think the same way, but for me it all worked.Overall, I would say Jurassic Dead is a solid action sci-fi and horror all rolled into one. Definitely worthy of a Hollywood studio taking a look at it for a future film. Let me emphasize that this is not Jurassic park or Jurassic World by any means. This is something much worse and not something you would want to encounter on the tour.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Picked it up and struggled to put it down.,looking forward to book #2
Pretty much what you'd expect from a book about zombie donosaurs. Easy to read, no great shakes.
1,5/5... jag har läst bättre böcker :P
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