Just This Once (2000)
Just This Once (2000)
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This book was really frustrating! I almost gave up the entire way through. Hannah was so frustrating for me to read! I don't believe in their relationship as no handsome famous wealthy man would put up with her constantly turning him down. This is one of those books where I'm surprised I made it through to the end. Drew should've totally picked somebody else to shower his affection and sweetness to. This book is a slow read. I picked this book up from Kindle store because it was set in New Zealand. Hannah, the MC, is really annoying at times. I cannot believe Drew stayed with her as long as he did as she constantly pushing him away. I really would not recommend this book, the storyline was slow and I was not rooting for them to stay together which is almost a requirement for me in a romance novel.
I could not handle the main character in this story--too whiny.
not a bad book, but not one of the best the author has written.
Free on Bookbub. Would not pay for it!
i enjoyed this book
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