K2: Life And Death On The World's Most Dangerous Mountain (2009)
K2: Life and Death on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain (2009)
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“K2 Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain” by Ed Viesturs with David Roberts, published by Broadway Books.Category – Sports/Mountaineering Publication Date – August 03, 2010Most of us think that Mount Everest is the most dangerous mountain. We come by this for 2 reasons, it is the highest mountain in the world and due to the popularity of Jon Krakauer’s book “Into Thin Air”. However, if one looks at the statistics one would determine that K2, the second highest mountain is the most challenging and dangerous mountain in the world. This is borne out with a statistic from 2008 when 290 people summated Mount Everest with only on death. During that same period only 18 people summated K2 while 11 died trying to.This book is for those who like a challenge, an adventure, and tragedy, and Ed Viesturs ladles it out in huge proportions. It is a history not only of K2 but Mount Everest and several other mountains that Ed has summated. He brings out the tragedies and why they came about and how they could have been avoided. He gives the reader a good look at what it take to put a team together and the inner workings, both good and bad, within the team. After reading the book one wonders why people would attempt to climb these mountains with all the inherent dangers in making the attempt, especially when the chances of death are high. Jim Curran may have said it best, “Mountaineering will never be a safe activity and would not be worth doing if it were”. A better man than I am can ascribe to that theory.A very good read for those that enjoy books about adventure and danger. The only draw back to the book is the ego of Ed Viesturs, but I must admit that one must have a super ego to do what he has done. He has summated all fourteen of the world’s 8,000 meter peaks and has summated Mount Everest eleven times (I haven’t even done it once), so I will give him a pass on his egotism in the book. I read this book because I love the K2 board game and wanted to find out more about the Most Dangerous Mountain. I found parts of it very interesting, but I'm sure mountaineers will find it more intriguing. While I found myself skimming a number of chapters instead, the book did open my eyes to some amazing things. And knowing more about the real expeditions on K2 I can appreciate the board game rules and mechanics even better now.
Very similar to "No Shortcuts to the Top", but with a great history of climbing on K2. Great book.
This is terrifying and I don't know why people do this.
Gripping narrative. I couldn't put the book down.
An excellent read.
3.5 stars
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