Karneval (2014)
Karneval (2014)
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8025902609 (ISBN13: 9788025902608)
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I honestly really loved this book. I love the writing of Rawi Hage and I loved the rich and colorful characters. I won't say a lot about the book because I feel the less you know going into it the more you will love it, but I will give a quick summary and a warning.This book is about Fly. Fly is the son of circus folk, raised by a bearded lady, and later moved to an unnamed city where he becomes a cabbie. This is a few weeks in his life. We meet many interesting characters like pimps, prostitutes, strippers, sports fans, drug dealers, immigrants, and the like all introduced to us through a series of internal monologues. Fly is an interesting man who has many interesting stories to tell. There is really no central plot. It really is just a series of stories all told with really beautiful writing.I love this book and plan on reading it many more times. Many novels are called picaresque just because they are bit ragged, and bitty, and random. Not this one. Real gem in that "taxi driver" genre. Prose is great, witty, and snappy, with a good undercurrent of the main story beneath.If there is a criticism, it would be that some elements are bit clicheed in that high-postmodernism way. You know, the outsider, the ramblings about library, about classification. It seems a tad anachronistic to have them featured so strongly in 2012. But in fullness of time, that will be evened up...
A beautiful and whimsical book about empathy for those for whom life is a struggle.
poetic / powerful / political / poignant / PERFECT book!
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