Keep Me Closer (2014)
Keep Me Closer (2014)
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0425262944 (ISBN13: 9780425262948)
Berkley Trade
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This is a story like no other. You have one very gorgeous, well-hung man that puts all others to shame. You have an absolutely stunning woman with a set of great tits and a beautiful ass. Guess what? These two gorgeous creatures can't stand each other, but that doesn't stop them thinking of getting naked and doing nasty things to each other. He's a PI, and he's been assigned to protect her from a former patient who's a total nutjob. Nutjob knows where she lives. PI has no other choice but to have her stay at his place. This only makes it harder to resist the attraction between them. They give into temptation and screw. They proceed to fuck like rabbits. She tells him "I love you." He tells her he doesn't, that he can't give her what she needs. She leaves hurting but so in love. He realizes what a dick he is and that he does love her. He runs back to her. He saves her from crazy nutjob who's holding her at gunpoint. He tells her "I love you." They fuck again. He can't wipe the permanent smile off his face he's so in love. He pops the question. She says yes. They decide to get married in a few weeks. The end. Wow! What a story. I love how the drama of the crazy guy didn't take over the main theme - the H/h constantly arguing when all they really want to do is get it on, which luckily they do. Isn't it beautiful when gorgeous, stunning people - who have lots of money, and can pleasure each other to the point they have multiple orgasms, each one better than the last - get together and fall in love? I know I was on pins and needles the whole time wondering if they'd ever get it on or admit their love for one another. Not many stories out there like this one I tell you. A solid 4 stars!Alex and Brit have circled each other since Alex's brother Ben and Brit's friend Reece got involved. Alex is pretty much a jackass to Brit mainly because he is a jackass to everyone. Brit has a problem with Alex because he tried to keep Ben from being in a relationship with Reece. When Brit is being stalked by a former patient, Ben asks Alex to help watch her. Alex saves her from being abducted and takes her home to keep an eye on her.Alex is very much a jerk to Brit. When the story of his divorce is explained, it makes more sense. Brit is careful to not get overly involved because it is her history that people won't stay with her. These two have an explosive physical relationship. Alex is a dirty talking badass. Brit, though, gives as good as she gets. Alex can be hard to like at first. It gets easier as the story goes on. Brit seems like she might be a pushover at points but I was relieved that wasn't the case. Good job, Ms. Byrd!
All these heroes named Alex never disappoint me. This book was so HOOOOOT! Loved it!
Another great read from rhyannon... Never disappointed
Oh, seriously this book is hot. Truly hot.
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