Killer Queen (2014)
Killer Queen (2014)
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Finally finished this book....what should have taken a day or two took about a week cause it was so dull. I absolutely loved the first book in this series which is basically this same story but from Fred's POV..which annoying is actually almost identical to Nicholas's POV in this story....and this book was so bad that it actually had me wondering if I was nuts to like the first book as much as I did. I liked the gender bending of the first book and the quirkiness and it is almost absent from this book. I thought this book would be great...we clearly have a quirky guy, cross dresser who is totally at home in gay bars, in womens cloths, flirting with guys, tons of mommy issues, unsettled, alcohol issue...but in this book we get a guy acting totally normal and a little alpha male-y and ridiculous uncomplicated. Frustrating and dull...and up to the last 80 pages, more or less identical to the other book. Very disappointing. I still do recommend the first book though. My introduction to LH Cosway was through reading Still Life with Strings in a book club I belonged to; I was very impressed with Ms. Cosway's writing style. She brings a freshness that is hard to describe, and her characters are just so incredibly engaging.The interest level of her characters was kicked up a notch in Painted Faces when we were introduced to Nicholas/Viv and Freda/Fred. While written from Fred's point of view, the book blended the mundane and magical into something very special.With Killer Queen, the story is retold through Nicholas/Viv's point of view. My first mental comparison between the two stories was the difference in the way Nicholas viewed Freda versus the way she saw herself. He used words like curvy, beautiful, exquisite, vibrant, and gorgeous to describe her. I wasn't sure I was reading about the same Fred until half way into the book when a female rival made a derogatory comment about her body. It was then that I realized how differently he viewed her from how she saw herself.I loved that there was deeper explanation into how Nicholas became what he is and how his deep love for his mother affected him in a way to attempt to personify her in himself on stage. Not all of his performances reflected this, but the idea of being a performer like she was provided him another connection to her.Nick's use of his Vivica Blue persona as an excuse to keep Fred close was also expounded on and once again refreshing to see if from his perspective. He loves the fact that Freda has purist innocence about her. He wants that to rub off on him while he rubs some of himself on her."When I was done with her, she wouldn't even know the meaning of the word embarrassment anymore, because I was going to dirty all her clean right up."It was just as emotional to go through the highs and lows in Killer Queen as it was in Painted Faces. You could feel the joy and hurt on both sides and it was somewhat magnified once you had both sides of the equation of what was truly happening."When you said it to me, I could tell you truly felt it and it terrified me. That is why I sang that song to you when you came to the gig to see me. I needed to drive you away somehow. I've never had a time in my life when I've been consistently balanced."The unconditional love that exists between these characters makes me hope that there will be another story about them in the future. LH Cosway has definitely made her way onto my must read list
Loved it! Be sure to read Painted Faced first though. I always like the male POV
It seems like Cosway's plan is to force her way into my favorites shelf...
Fred and VivPainted Faces from Nicholas's side. He kind of broke my heart.
She is another insta-click author for me!!
Loved!!! Fred & Viv forever!!!
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