Killing Custer (2013)
Killing Custer (2013)
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0425264637 (ISBN13: 9780425264638)
Berkley Hardcover
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The team of Arapaho attorney Vickey Holden and Father John O’Malley are confronted with an unlikely bit of history in this latest Wind River mystery: A reenactment of the killing of Col. George Custer, originally put to death at the Battle of Little Big Horn many decades earlier. Edward Garrett, enacting the role of Custer, leads a group of “cavalrymen” in a parade down Main Street, when a band of Indians surrounded the column, encircling it with a challenge ride to demonstrate that the Indians defeated the U.S. army previously.When the Indians rode off, Garrett lay on the ground, dead of a bullet wound. Naturally, the blame was cast upon the Indians, and especially the leader who posed as Crazy Horse, who led the attack on the original Custer. The lead detective has enough circumstantial evidence to make arrests and the good Father and Holden are hard pressed to substantiate their innocence. To complicate matters Vickey, now representing Garrett’s wife, has a conflict of interest preventing her from taking on the accused as clients.The Wind River series is a long-running one, now numbering 17 in all. Each centers around the Wyoming reservation housing the Arapahos and Cheyenne, with the Holden/O’Malley duo solving yet another crime or mystery. “Killing Custer” follows that pattern, except instead of taking a path based on some quaint Indian history, it is derived from the grisly massacre of the soldiers in blue. As always, the plot and writing are smooth, and the novel is recommended. #17 in the Wind River series. This picnic seems to have too many ingredients. The main theme is the ill-advised visit by a Custer impersonator to Lander, WY, adjacent to the Wind River Arapahoe Reservation. His anti-Indian rhetoric in a preceding speech has inflamed Indian feelings and the young men prepare a humiliating demonstration against Custer for the parade. OK - I can't understand why killing Custer 150 years ago wasn't enough or why white military re-enactors would want to re-live the smashing defeat of Little Big Horn - but there's a story. Then there are a ton of side plots - the descendant of Crazy Horse has a girl friend who has left the reservation to work for (and sleep with) a white lawyer, who has disappeared and who recently met with the Custer impersonator. There are three more stories and the book isn't half over. My verdict - some interesting characters, culture and history, but too many plot lines, red herrings and repetitious mention of racial tensions. Readable but not the best in the series.Wind River series - A gunshot kills General Custer impersonator Edward Garrett while he's riding his horse in a Lander, Wyo., parade. Since angry Arapahos from the Wind River Reservation surrounded Garrett at the time of the shooting, the police immediately regard two Indians as the top suspects. The disappearance of a local attorney, last seen arguing with Garrett, adds to the town's unrest. The case is further complicated when Garrett's widow claims nearly $500,000 is missing, and hires Vicky to find it. Meanwhile, Father John takes steps to protect his flock as another murder rocks the roiling community.
Good read, I suggest you read all the Father John series in order.
Good book. Very interesting timely plot.
Margaret Coel's books are always fun
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