King And Maxwell (2013)
King and Maxwell (2013)
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1455521310 (ISBN13: 9781455521319)
Grand Central Publishing
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Yet another solid read by Baldacci, as well as a cool edition to the King/Maxwell series. I assume that this book/series has gained in popularity due to the show but please don't lump me with them as I have never seen the show nor I do I even have TV. A bang up action packed start lures us in, then a couple of nice and terrible twists to start the book off. King/Maxwell find themselves drawn to the hurting, and inescapably draw the ire of their Plenty of action and suspense. Well worth the time. I love the action in this book. King and Maxwell have definite chemistry. The opening scene in Afghanistan set the stage for action and peril. Murder and mayhem were the par for the course. A long held grudge against the U.S. government was the basis for a heist that propelled this novel forward. Having to utilize an ex-wife for information led to disastrous consequences. The involvement of high level officials was also an added plot factor. Who was really loyal to who? The ending was worthy of the pace and action in the book.
Surprise twist that I walked smack into. Good book
Another Sean and Michelle thriller!
Good pace. Good guys win.
Fabulous as always!!!
Love it!!!!!!!
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