King En Maxwell (2013)
King en Maxwell (2013)
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A.W. Bruna Uitgevers
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The disappearance of a million Euros and the man who was supposed to safeguard them is only the first step in an intricate scheme that dates back decades to a suicide pact and the Iran-Contra affair. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have to deal with the FBI, Homeland Security, Defense Intelligence and any number of lethally trained ex-military conspirators in unraveling a plot that has as its goal no less than the assassination of the President. They are aided by King's ex-wife and the considerable talents of the eccentric genius Edgar Roy. As always Baldacci has constructed a complicated and fast-moving plot that makes the 500 or so pages turn with considerable speed. Consistent with the earlier King and Maxwell novels, the villain is a brilliant monomaniac, patiently working under the radar for years and years in order to achieve his goals. Criminals with this level of genius and single-mindedness are rare except in novels by Baldacci and Ian Fleming. And the idea of moving a billion Euros clandestinely in one truck with only one man to guard it seems a bit farfetched, even given some of the bizarre schemes contrived by ours and other governments in real life. A certain amount of suspended disbelief is necessary for most of the King and Maxwell series, but it need not detract from the reader's enjoyment. The novel ends with King and Maxwell's relationship still in question, King's ex back in the picture, and Edgar Roy joining the team. Seems safe to assume that another book in the series is on the way. I enjoyed reading "King and Maxwell" for what it is, a fictional story with twists and turns, interesting characters, likable characters, and a team of private investigators who get along and who have the contacts they need to get the information they need to help solve cases (and save people). This particular team of PIs also have unique skills that help them in their mission (being former Secret Service); and when they can't do it on their own, they are not too proud to ask others for help. I appreciated the fact Baldacci brought a character forward from the prior book (that character being Edgar). Edgar brings balance, and intelligence, and innocence, to the rough and tumble world of investigations - especially one that involves "terrorists", missing cargo, the alphabet agencies and even the White House.
Pretty good with some slow, sort of dragging spots.
its good.conspiracy,mystery,action..time pass read
Th plot move forward quite well.
Very enjoyable thriller.
3.75 stars
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