Kingdom Series Collection: Books 1-3 (2012)
Kingdom Series Collection: Books 1-3 (2012)
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1480239186 (ISBN13: 9781480239180)
Marie Hall
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I completely forgot how much of a "twist" was involved in these stories. Thus, I was quite surprised when I realized I was reading "adult" versions. I'm typically not an "adult" book person and I hate 99.9% of all chick flicks, BUT this series has captivated me. I've been completely drawn in. I love the dark twist to the tales themselves, which is what I thought I was reading, but the extra "adult" twist adds an element to the story lines that "hooks" you. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series and hopefully venturing into Hall's other series as well. I got this for free, and read it pretty quickly. The new twist on these fairy tales was interesting. I enjoyed the story about Betty and Gerard the most, probably because they didn't have as many obligatory sex scenes and theirs felt like a real love story since it had to happen over time. I liked Hatter and Alice more in Violet and Ewan's story when they were helping them through their adventure, than I did in Her Mad Hatter. Their tale just seemed a little short for the complexity of their lives, and I would have liked to have learned more about Hatter. Red and her Wolf had a good story line, but I felt like it should have been longer since there was so much going on. I will read the next books in the series just to see where this all ends up.
it was not what I expected. I think the author had a good idea but didn't quite hit the mark.
loved the twist in the fairy tales. apparently the stories we know aren' t true.
This is a great series starter for a really good price. I enjoyed all of these.
A great twist on popular stories....I loved reading these books!
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