Kiss Me If You Can (2010)
Kiss Me If You Can (2010)
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0373774540 (ISBN13: 9780373774548)
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Another great Carly Phillips romance. The best part of this book was the cast of supporting characters. Charlotte and Sylvia were a surprising and dynamic duo; they almost stole the show away from Coop and Lexie. But Lexie and Coop were HOT! This was a great story about letting go of past hurts and expectations in order to find happiness. This story was also a good example of the need to sometimes step outside of our comfort zones and be flexible for a relationship to work. Good story, ready for part two! Lately Carly Phillips' books have disappointed me a little. This one was way too predictable--not that I need a romance novel to surprise me in any way, they normally don't, but this one was way over-the-top preditable, almost like a math equation (you need this + this to = a romance). I didn't really feel the chemistry between the characters and it kind of bothered me that they basically just argued the whole time about their different lifestyles. I know they needed some obstacles, but if you're that different, why are you together? Get over it or move on, that's mostly what I felt like telling them the whole time. I'll probably read the next book in the series, but this is definitely one you should get from the library.
It was good.
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