Kiss Of Fire (2012)
Kiss of Fire (2012)
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Imdalind Press
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After reading all these 4 and 5 star reviews I was expecting this book to be good since so many people said it was EPIC! Maybe it's just me but I couldn't find anything "epic" about this book. It all seemed convoluted and sloppy. Nothing really happened. At. All. Definitely nothing epic worthy. Anyways I'll start with what I did like: no insta love! The author actually had a solid foundation in which the two MCs grew into loving each other. Joclyn and Ryland new each other since they were children and had been best friends since they were 5. I liked how they went from best friends to more than that. In a way it was very cute but after while it sort of became annoyingly sweet. Or just annoying. either way it got boring fast! It was just too much repetition. One thing that's always bothered me is when guys call girls they like sweetheart. It just sounds really weird to me. It just seems like such an elderly word for some reason. I've never once heard any of my guy friends call a girl sweetheart. After a while Ryland started to get whiny and almost too perfect he didn't seem real which is why I just never attached to him as a love interest. I got to the point where I didn't care about their relationship anymore and wanted to get more of the actual plot. Speaking of which was very thin layered. A lot of words were in Czech with no explanation so I had no idea what they were trying to convey. A glossary would do this book good. What were they exactly? Fae? Wizards? Dragons? I have no idea. Nothing was solidly explained. Once again we get the "we can't tell you yet" or "we don't trust you with our super special secrets" even though the MC is supposed to be some super special "something" Silny (which they can't even tell her what that means even though she is IT!) it was very exhausting trying to know what's going on with out knowing anything. She came into her powers extremely easily (of course) she only had to think about lover boy and bam! Magical powers. Things happened and were solved all with just a little bit of thought (usually on Ilyans part) it was too easy. Problem with a magic necklace that's weakening her powers? Give her a magic bath. Need to center her powers without affecting Ryland? Hey a magic bath will work! Ugh! All of the secondary characters all seemed so one dimensional. Wyn doesn't seem like a very good friend. i couldn't see the friendship between her and joclyn. She was the cutout bubbly friend that instantly becomes the MCs bff with a secret. she seemed more interested in her husband which I get but this is Jocelyn's story. Wyn should have been there for her more than she was. Ilyan was supposed to be a king of... I don't know.. I'm going to go with fairies. Him and his close friends didn't take him being king seriously, they joked about all the formalities and how it was a stupid out dated tradition. He told Jocelyn to call him My Lord in front of other... Fairies? But that he didn't care if they weren't in public. If he's not serious about being a King how am I supposed to take him or anything about the world building seriously If they say it's a joke? It just all seemed too wispy. Like eh I'm a king but whatever. Also if he's a king can't he summon all those under him to fight in the battle to get Ryland back if he's that important? But nope only like 20 fairies went. The final battle was lackluster I skimmed most of it just trying to get to the end (which I saw coming) and when Ryland got his memory wiped it all just seemed like a horrible messy nightmare. One second he's Ryland saying he loves her always (which was very cheesy) then next he's possessed by his father saying "villainous" lines then the next he's Ryland then he's Edmund. God it was just too much. Don't know if I'm going to read the rest. This book seriously needs a good editor and some serious coherent thought. Sorry just not for me. I'm pretty disappointed to find this book having 4/5 star rating wasn't as good as I expected. The plot draaaged on for too long. The main character was whiney, too gullible, and too 'I need protecting.' I could pretty much predict what was going on and what's going to happen. Though at first I enjoyed Ryland and Joclyn relationship but later it kinda lack chemistry. It wasn't insta love but it felt like it, there wasn't a gradual progress as the feeling where there from the start. I was more fond of the side characters more that the main. I did think that the plot was pretty good. It deffo could become stronger as the series go on. However I lost interest from the first book alone that I don't think I can read the next.
loved this series!
4.2 Stars!
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