Kitty And The Dead Man's Hand (2009)
Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand (2009)
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0446199532 (ISBN13: 9780446199537)
Grand Central Publishing
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I don't normally do spoilers, and this may not actually be a spoiler but it caught me off guard so I think it qualifies. I really enjoyed this novel, I would have to say that it is by far my favorite kitty Norville book so far. Ben and kitty finally get ready to tie the knot and got to Vegas where, of course, all hell breaks loose around them. Having to deal with a lax master vampire, a troupe of were-cats, and a questionable magician makes for a very long weekend. But what really sealed the deal for me was the homage to HP Lovecraft, my absolute favorite writer of all times. Bringing the Lovecraft mythos into Kitty's life opens up a whole new world of possibilities and horrors for her to deal with. Looking forward to the next book in the series. What happened? I was powering through Kitty Norville novels, enjoying the direction the story was taking, and then this bomb dropped in the middle of it. The beginning wasn't bad. Kitty decides to have her wedding in Las Vegas on a whim. That seems like her. Her mother insists on coming along, that could be interesting. Her producer persuades her to host a tv show while she's there. Now there's a lot of potential right there. And then Vaughn seems to give Kitty a lobotomy. Ben gets into a poker game that smells fishy from a mile away, on her wedding day, and Kitty says that's fine because she doesn't want to seem like a demanding girlfriend? Not cool, Vaughn. Everyone tells Kitty not to go somewhere, and so she goes there. The show comes and goes without any real incident, begging the question, why have it at all? It seems the whole idea of a show is an excuse for Kitty to talk to people in Vegas. In that case, why not make SOMETHING happen at the show? Then Ben goes missing and I get supremely frustrated. Kitty sets out to find Ben, and falls back on her old habits. She does not tell her family anything about what is going on. She's always done that. But her parents respond by insisting they take her out to dinner or buy her a drink, and I lost it. If any relative of mine heard I saw a person I loved be forced into a vehicle against his will, and they responded by insisting on buying me a mojito, I would immediately disown them. All of this plot rant, and the fact is, the writing was bad. I don't say that often, since I think it takes some skill just to get published. But the dialogue was trite and simplistic. I couldn't believe some of the things Kitty was saying, and that has never been a problem for me before. I will read the next book on the merits of the prior books in the series, but I have to say I'm disappointed. Bad Kitty.
Enjoyed reading about Kitty and her adventures. But it's not a series I'll finish.
Oh Kitty, now my perception of Vegas will be forever changed!
they are finally getting married. How exciting this book is.
Awesome ness :) continues
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