Kälteschlaf (2007)
Kälteschlaf (2007)
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Bastei Lübbe
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Slow paced but includes plots with twists and turns, this is more than a classic detective novel. Introspective, with rich characterisation, in parallel to the detective work, we follow the soul-searching of the detective and his melancholic private life.Overall well done, but can be gloomy at times. Being non Icelandic, it is sometimes difficult to remember the long names of towns, places and people! :) At a certain juncture in this novel I believed that it might topple Silence of The Grave off its perch as my favourite Indridason. It didn't.The story that unfolds after the apparent suicide of a woman is vintage Indridason: moving and delicately paced. The writer's gift for surrounding his paragraphs with a brooding atmosphere is certainly on display here. The quality of writing too remains top-notch; his habit of weaving at-least two parallel stories within the narrative persists. However, the parallel story, in my opinion, lets this novel down a little. Indridason does manage to imbue the narrative with a solid justification for the story in question. Yet it lacks a good foundation. It tugs at the heart with its poignancy, but it all seems a bit too manufactured in the end, a complaint I never thought I'd make about this writer's work.At any rate, the hiccup aside, Hypothermia (or Hardskafi--the original Icelandic title--which, I believe, is more pertinent), makes for splendid reading. It is one of the best Erlendur novels and deserves wider readership.
I read ALL Nordic mysteries and fiction, but this one didn't grab at me. Most of it is excellent.
Quite absorbing with interesting themes however the wrapping up was very pedestrian.
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