Knight In Highland Armor (2015)
Knight in Highland Armor (2015)
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The author has outdone herself on this one. It was unbelievably awesome in every respect and very moving. She starkly brought to life this part of history with its perils and danger. These highland people lived harsh lives with much heartache. The story, as told, had me experiencing the impossibly severe environment they had to endure. Wives, husband and children died either through illness, war, or childbirth. Few would live long lives. Population had to be maintained for in numbers they could survive. To remarry knowing your new wife may die of childbirth as your first wife did, must try the depths of the soul. Such heartbreak to love a woman and through the joy of union create life only to have her life taken.Colin Campbell, Black Knight of Rome was the epitome of strength, both in body and mind. He took care of what was his and followed the edicts of the king and pope. He fought the idea of love after his first wife died, but through its very power he saved himself.Lady Margaret was one very strong woman, accepting her fate trying to make the best of her lot and use her talents to improve the living conditions for her clan. I loved how when I thought things could not get worse, they somehow did. Emotions were pulled from my core. Now that’s good storytelling!David Gillies did not tell the story, rather he made me see it. His personifications of the various characters were who they were, for I saw them clearly, completely mesmerized. I no longer heard his voice, I saw the characters and heard their inner thoughts, anguish and speech.I am eager to read the next in the series with the next book, A Highland Knight’s Desire. KNIGHT IN HIGHLAND ARMOR by Amy Jarecki is an exciting and fast paced Scottish Historical Romance. #1 in the "Highland Dynasty" series and what a beginning. WOW! I love Scottish romance and this one is absolutely deliciously wicked.Fast paced, adventure filled with a passionate storyline and to die for characters."Knight in Highland Armor" is the story of Lord Colin Campbell, aka The "Black Knight" and Margaret Robinson.Margaret is bequeathed by the King to marry Lord Colin. Margaret, is Feisty, quick tongued and smart, were as Lord Colin, is serious and about to be sent to the crusades once again, leaving Margaret with his new born son.Their marriage starts off disastrously. Can Margaret and Colin learn to find love and happiness, before he gets sent on the Crusades, where he may never return? Colin is determined to never love again, after losing two wives in child birth.Ms. Jarecki has a way of writing that is not only amazing, deliciously wicked but captivating and fascinating.Another MUST read Scottish Romance, that will hold you captivated as you read "Knight in Highland Armor". Well done, Ms. Jarecki! I can't wait to read the next installment in what is sure to be a captivating and tantalizing Scottish Romance series. Highly recommended to any and all Scottish Romance readers.Rating: 4.5Heat rating: HotReviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
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