Kuss Des Feuers (2013)
Kuss des Feuers (2013)
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Egmont LYX
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1.5 stars. I didn't really like the way the dialogues were written. It didn't feel natural. At all. I've read a lot of historical romance but none of them gave me headache like this one.I have a lot of issues with this book. The way it was written, the way the conflict was resolved, and the way the characters acted. Then there was this thing about Archer's so called 'hideousness'. I was expecting scales and all, but what the hell, the other half of him just looked like a very beautiful statue. The sex was creepy. I can't even picture it in my head. I mean, you know, Archer being a half statue and all. It was so obvious from the get-go that it was that bitch Victoria who was doing all the killing. I nearly rolled my eyes during the big reveal because I already know it was her. When I read that she was Archer's ex-lover, I was like, what the hell? I mean, Victoria was full light demon, right? So she was on full statue mode, so how the heck did they even have sex? It was creepy just thinking about it.Then there was Miranda. Honestly, she's the only okay character for me in this book. Her being a kicked-ass heroine compensated for Archer's lameness. Because admit it, Archer is really lame. For most of the book, all he did was to have a pity party for himself. It annoyed the hell out of me. And he didn't even managed to look cool at the very end because Miranda was the one who killed Victoria. Miranda was fighting for her life while he just slept on the sideline. Talk about L-A-M-E. And I didn't even get a single explanation on why Miranda can control fire or produce fire, or whatever it is she does. Because the whole book just focused on Archer's problem. I don't know if I will still read the second book, because as you can all probably see, I didn't really like this one that much. Me ha parecido un libro para pasar el rato pero poco más. Estoy acostumbrada a leer novela paranormal por lo que es difícil que no pueda imaginarme situaciones extrañas o fuera de lo normal pero con esta he sido incapaz. Demasiadas cosas extrañas que me sacaban de la historia una y otra vez intentando imaginarlas. El final me ha parecido precipitado y poco claro y hay personajes a los que no termino de entender. No me ha gustado nada mas que la relación entre los protagonistas que bajo mi opinión podrían haber tenido de igual manera en la vida "real" o con apenas un pelín de paranormal pero que desde mi punto de vista, aquí sobraba bastante. En fin cuestión de gustos.
Had to read it because Diana Gabaldon gave it such a great review. I wasn't disappointed!
A really entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon - loved this book!
A good series starter. I would be interested in reading the second one.
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