La Gigantesca Barba Malvagia (2013)
La gigantesca barba malvagia (2013)
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8865432292 (ISBN13: 9788865432297)
Bao Publishing
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I like the art and design of this book better than that in the work of Brian Selznick; I think Collins's graphite work is sharper, with less middle grays than the Hugo book. My hand hurts just looking at all the cross-hatching.I also think that Collins really knows what he's doing with his panels and pages. Many graphic artists are content to paste four or nine panels on every page, but the same cannot be said for this book. These pages creatively fragment space and time in ways I haven't seen since reading Chris Ware.I also like how Collins juxtaposes diagetic and non-diagetic text--a bit of narration positioned just above a sign on the door, so that together they read as a complete sentence. It happens more than a few times in this book, and I wonder why most other artists don't try it.And though the eponymous beard of this book comes into being differently than most readers might expect, I wish the story was more interesting. It's a blunt tale. Not bad at all, but I wanted to like the story much more than I did. So smart, thoughtful, and stylish. I absolutely enjoyed reading this story of untidiness and chaos. I think Collins addressed the fear of the unknown with this whimsical narrative with such creativity and cleverness. Originally, as I started, I thought it was going to be a light and smartly humorous read. Ultimately, I found The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil to be delightful, funny, and moving. I love the themes, the evolution of culture, fear of unexplored and unexplainable, and the need for a bit of disorder in the face of monotony. The artwork is really charming. There's a sketch book-like quality to it that--to a quick eye--seems simple, but is in actuality is wonderful in detail and carefulness. Definitely worth the read.
I love it just because it is whimsical and the illustrations are simple yet lovely.
Well, now I'm going to have "Eternal Flame" in my head for forever.
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