La Increíble Historia De... Las Ratahamburguesas (2013)
La increíble historia de... Las ratahamburguesas (2013)
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6073119216 (ISBN13: 9786073119214)
Montena México
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I thought it was a really good book about how you should treat animals, whatever are or what they look like. Zoe shows this when she uses her talent to make her little animal friends stars! When Zoe's hamster dies, Zoe is devastated. But when she finds a baby rat in her room, she starts to think that she could use her new found talent on her new little friend. However her stepmother Sheila, absolutely hates rats, she even keeps rat poison in the house! Zoe tries her best to keep her new friend a secret, but a shadow is lurking around and has plans for her little pet... This book is amazing with all the laughter in David Williams put into I it with a reading age around 7-10 years old.Anyway this book is about this girl called zoe who dreams of making his pet hamster be a star while her being a trainer. Unfortunately her pet dies so she really sad.She saw something one day after school she sees a rat. Although she tries to keep a rat there is a burger man right next to the school. People tastes it and said it's foul. One day when she came back from school she saw the burger man and she saw her with her rat, he takes it away somewhere. Could zoe get her rat free and make him a star? Or could it be be one of the tales with bad endings? Read the book to find out!
Liked it. It was suitably gross for my boys and a little too gross for me. Good bedtime reading.
Skemmtileg lesning en samt pínulítið of grófur húmor í barnabók fyrir minn smekk.
Funny and sensitive story. :)
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