La Mappa Del Destino (2010)
La mappa del destino (2010)
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its a really good thriller mixing: Horror, suspence and history.from 30 000 years ago from now .. The way people" from the cave" discovered that "magical tea and how people from that little current village in France used that tempting drinking.How it was discovered? from a simple fire in a Monastery ..a very ancient book has been found in a wall of the monastery2 men: Archaeologist and a restorateur are about to discover a dangerous secret .. a mortal secret.i won't say what happened .. but that book is really attractive .. i've started to read it start of this week for the evening but i wanted to know the end of the storyi spent my friday afternoon and evening (after the usual things to do on friday) to finish reading it.i was O__O at the end This was an enjoyable book, at least plot-wise. I would recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers, mysteries, or historical fiction (especially fiction that bounces among multiple different time periods in history). But I'll start with the mechanics. I can't say I'm a great fan of the writing, and only part of that is attributable to the fact that it comes from a British publisher. There's an almost pathological aversion to commas which can't merely be explained by differences in English usage between Americans and Brits. Cooper doesn't use the Oxford comma (which can be excused by difference in style), but he also almost never uses change-of-subject commas, and is inconsistent in his use of commas when introducing names (e.g., "my student, Pierre") - and this causes a lot of confusion when multiple of these comma errors appear in the same sentence. I cringed a lot at the misuse of direct or indirect objects (e.g.," smarter than her") and the use of phraseology like "purposely" (vs. "purposefully") or "very unique" (there is ALWAYS only one degree of "unique," since it means "singular, only"). Other editorial and typesetting mistakes were there, but not so widespread as the others. That said, it was a good read. The action was fast-paced, the historical interludes were well-timed, and the plot progressed well. There was a good mixture of historical, scientific, and even theological research that was apparent, and I came away from this novel having learned a few things that I didn't previously know. My favorite quote: "There is but one road to righteousness, but many paths converge on that road."All in all, it's a solid 3-star book that would have been a 4-star book but for my (at times overly picky) ID of grammar issues. I will definitely give more of Cooper's books a read.
Leggibile ma non a livello della serie "Piper".
Una sola parola: indifferente.
Not bad for a quick read
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