La Sposa Di Damasco (2009)
La sposa di Damasco (2009)
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8854118273 (ISBN13: 9788854118270)
Newton Compton
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Saldana has written s complex story about finding yourself, purpose, and your past through learning about another culture and reflecting on your own. Especially meaningful given the geopolitical situation with Syria now, this thoughtfully written books opens understanding and empathy as the author weaves insights throughout the book. This text makes the current war in Syria even more heartbreaking as we come to understand more about Islam, language and our humanity. I enjoyed the author's descriptions of the people and places she visited in Syria, a land I will probably never visit. She mentions going to Syria on a Fulbright scholarship, which I've heard is a fairly demanding program. I wonder how she had time to visit and drink coffee with the locals and go back and forth to the monastary she visited on a regular basis. She mentions taking a course in Arabic and completing a rigorous religious exercise at the monastary. The book becomes a bit melodramatic as she is faced with a growing attraction to a novice monk at the monastary. The late twenty-something author also visited Syria in an effort to reflect on her life and figure out which course to take next - a la' Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray and Love. Although I enjoyed Eat, Pray and Love, I prefer Saldana's book, as she comes across as less selfish and whiny than Gilbert did. Saldana's descriptions of the people and places in Syria are exquisite. I also learned more about Christianity in the Middle East and the role of women in Islam. Overall, a very interesting book.
Excellent book. It is a interesting spiritual quest and a love story.
Thoughtful and moving memoir ofdealing with grief and one's past.
Read a few chapters and found it boring; didn't finish.
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