La Tierra En Llamas (2014)
La Tierra En Llamas (2014)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
8466655212 (ISBN13: 9788466655217)
Ediciones B
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Too much stupid background story, so many stupid characters doing stupid things. For example, one character is a spoiled son of a conglomerate, another is the conglomerate himself, and both of them were worrying too much about the stock of their company, in the mid of an alien invasion. For god's sake, if earth is invaded by alien, my stock would be my least concern, and it most likely would be already plummeted anyway. I wanted to like this book. It sounded good. But sentences were too short. Very short! Short sentences are hard to read. Especially next to each other. They were confusing. And then, like a breath of fresh air, the prose kicked in, making you aware of just where Orson Scott Card stepped in and helped with the editing. I won't read others in the series. Because of short sentences. Too short. And they affect my enjoyment.
The heroes mentor finally starts to shine go kiwi super soldier.
Good read. I'm looking forward to what happens in #3.
Mazer Rackham is a BAMF.
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